Individual Therapy


Millennials are the generation born between the years of 1980 and 1995. They have been raised to value the importance of a good quality of life as well as during a time where showcasing your life through social media is mainstream. For many people, this sort of exposure leads to constantly comparing, and also feeling compared, alongside ones peers. Coupled with the pressure to achieve, it is not surprising that such visibility is causing an influx of anxiety and depression amongst this group. I often hear people say it feels like they are driving an airplane on the ground, and never fully taking off. I specialize in helping millennials learn to stop comparing, hit the ground running, and soar.  


Teenagers are faced with the incredible development of departing from childhood and reaching toward adulthood. They no longer rely on their parents for the same needs they once required, yet are still not given the full responsibilities of adulthood. This unique stage of life can be quite uncomfortable, awkward, and challenging ... for everyone involved! Many adults formulate identifies around their experiences from teenage-hood. Having the right support during this time is crucial. Whether the teen is struggling with severe mental health issues, or simply needs someone to talk to, therapy can be the experience that shapes the person's identity from fragile and uncertain to confident and secure.

Mind-Body Trauma Treatment

Throughout my years working in residential and outpatient treatment I began to notice a common theme about my clients who had experienced trauma. Though talk therapy has historically been the go-to treatment, talking about horrific experiences does not necessarily make the pain go away. In fact, for someone who is experiencing posttraumatic stress, telling their story can lead to re-experiencing the trauma, having flashbacks, or going numb.

Just as science progresses, so should therapy and it’s processes. The most current neuroscience and trauma research now shows that there is actually a psychobiological (biological foundations of the mind, emotions, and mental processes) basis for trauma. When we experience overwhelming stress or trauma the autonomic nervous system becomes overloaded and we lose the ability to regulate parts of ourselves, which often results in physical, emotional, behavioral, or cognitive (mental) symptoms.

Taking this in mind, I use a mind-body approach to help you alleviate these symptoms by discharging the unresolved trauma. I am trained in TRM-1 and trauma informed yoga and incorporate knowledge and experience from both of these modalities to help you become a more resilient you.

What to expect: Before we meet in-person we will have a phone conversation so I will know a bit about why you are seeking therapy. After that, the first session is about getting comfortable. Expect to tell me a little more about what you hope to gain (and lose) from therapy as well as your expectations about the therapeutic process. I will ask you questions about your life so that I can begin to understand all the qualities that make you, you.

Individual therapy sessions are 50 minutes in length at a rate of $165 per session. Individual therapy sessions typically occur once per week at an ongoing basis.



Coaching differs from therapy in that it is more goal-oriented. If you want to start taking a specific aspect or aspects of your life more seriously or achieve something you have been putting off, coaching might be for you. As your coach I will help you to clearly define what it is that you do and do not want in your life, both personally and professionally. From there we will co-create intentional goals, define the steps you will need to take, create an action plan, identify and/or locate support, and hold space for accountability. Throughout the coaching process it is typical for both external and internal struggles to arise. When confronting something you really want, it is normal for most people to feel afraid, doubtful, or simply want to stop trying. As a trained psychotherapist, I will be able to use my skills to help you persevere through these challenges.

What to expect: the first session will be about getting to know each other and what you are hoping to gain from the coaching process. Expect to do a lot of homework outside of our meetings. 

Coaching sessions are typically one hour twice a month at a rate $100 per session.


Wellness Workshops

We live in a time where soft skills are becoming increasingly valued and mostly a necessity in the workplace. It is vital for groups to be able to communicate effectively, make high-quality decisions, be creative and also responsible, and work under pressure, all the while maintaining flexibility… but these skills are not always taught in school. Wellness workshops are group-based trainings about mental health, general wellness, or self-improvement related topics. Based on a famous saying by Gestalt, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, my workshops are aimed at any group that wants to be a little better, collectively. Each person brings a unique set of skills and strengths to a group, which when combined nicely, can offer powerful dynamic solutions. Groups do not always run as smooth as possible because of things like conflict, burnout, poor relationship, or poor self management skills. These are problems that often get in the way of your team cooperating to it’s fullest potential. Wellness workshops help individuals build and strengthen the necessary soft skills to enhance group effectiveness. Health and wellness are linked to greater productivity and greater sense of well-being. Investing in the wellness of your team will lead to happier, more fulfilled, and more productive group members. 

Please contact me for a free consultation if you are interested in hosting a wellness workshop at your workplace, organization, or school. We would discuss the specific needs of your organization, and I would create an a la carte workshop appropriate to assist and improve the wellbeing and productivity or your organization. Formats vary anywhere between a 60 minute lunchtime lecture to an interactive workshop lasting the duration of a workday. Rates are negotiable and vary depending on the needs of your organization.

Topics include:

  • Stress Management 
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leadership 
  • Mindfulness for Leadership
  • Guided Breathing and Meditation 
  • Effective Communication for Effective Collaboration 
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Group Coaching and Goal Setting
  • Moving Through Grief and Loss as a Community
  • Yoga and Trauma Informed Yoga